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Our Mission
Our guiding principle will be a common sense approach concerning the workings of our Town Government.
  1. We want the Town Government to GOVERN THE TOWN, not get involved in issues that don’t belong before
    the Town Council.
  2. We want to serve or help our town officials by researching issues and presenting the fruit of that research
    to the council.
  3. We may take positions on particular issues, but in some instances, we may just research all positions and
    then recommend possible compromises.
  4. We will be on guard for radical agendas and for extreme “Left” or “Right” wing groups trying to abuse the
    Town Government. The Town Council is not the venue to advance a world view that is not consistent with mainstream Watertown Citizens.

    1. To that end, we will monitor and research the special interest groups that sponsor certain measures.
    2. We will inform the council and the voters of any hidden agendas and expose any links with radical
      causes the proponents may have.

  5. We will endeavor to remain non-partisan, as our municipal elections are non-partisan. Our purpose is not
    to promote any political party.
  6. We will dedicate ourselves to promoting greater involvement of mainstream Watertown voters in their
    local government and elections.


Our Philosophy

We Believe: America, our system of government, our free market economy, and our foundation on Godly principles, is a beacon of hope and a fortress of freedom. Although not perfect, our system offers mankind the best hope for universal liberty, opportunity, and prosperity.

We Believe: The founders of this great republic gave us a system that works and is ultimately self-healing. But we must respect the “Separation of Powers” and bear in mind that each governmental body at every level has a distinct purpose and mission.

We Believe: Local Government is the purest and most beautiful expression of self-government, so long as citizens participate. We also recognize that local government has a limited scope of authority. Its’ purpose is to administer, oversee, and promote the general welfare and domestic tranquility at a local level.

We Believe: That in any free market or free society, it is inevitable that tensions arise between the individual rights (including property rights) and the public interest. Whenever possible and practical, we believe individual rights should prevail.

We Believe: That there are many threats to personal freedom. Among them is “political correctness”
rooted in the elitism of the radical left. We further reject historical revisionism that denies the true principles on which this nation was founded.

We categorically reject any dogma that instinctively blames America and our free enterprise system for the world’s problems.


Our Roots

Watertown is a mainstream town steeped in tradition and rich in history. To understand our roots is to understand the foundations of a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

We were founded in 1630 by Pilgrims and Puritans whose point of origin was England. They came in the name of freedom: the freedom to worship God according to their conscience and tradition and the freedom to govern themselves in harmony with their moral convictions.

In 1632, Watertown took one of the first stands against taxation without representation when its’ citizens refused to pay a tax levied to subsidize Cambridge.

The Provincial Congress, the sole governing body of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, moved to Watertown in April 1775. For 18 months, Watertown was the provisional capital of Massachusetts. George Washington first met with the Massachusetts’ Fathers of the American Revolution here. Paul Revere lived in Watertown during the siege of Boston. Here he printed the currency that paid Continental Army.

Once the Capital of Massachusetts, today we are a bedroom community, a suburb of the “Hub of New England.” Yet, no one can take away our history. Watertown was one of the “birthplaces” of our great Republic and fertile soil for self-government.

Today Watertown is no longer composed of predominantly “Protestant Englishmen.” Quite the contrary its’ modern demographics are so eclectic it has naturally become a Mecca of diversity.

But the principles of free worship, patriotism, and self-government are still the bulwark of our society. All of which are rooted in common sense.



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