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Radical agendas at work in Watertown

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Enough already with the self-Flagellation!

August 6th marks the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Over the decades, there has been much controversy over President Truman’s decision to use nuclear weapons. I don’t intend to comment on the morality of his judgment. Both sides make their points. Some point to the innocent victims.  Others argue millions of Japanese and American lives were saved. One thing is certain—reasonable people should agree that we never want to see that happen again.

But, ENOUGH ALREADY with the self-flagellation! America entered the war because it was attacked. We fought on four continents, liberating those oppressed by tyranny. We rebuilt devastated nations, friend and foe alike.

In view of these facts, I ponder why the Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety (W.C.E.S.) chooses to spotlight Hiroshima to the exclusion of certain other tragedies of WWII.

The W.C.E.S. floats no candle boats and holds no public vigils to commemorate the wholesale massacre of countless Manchurians, or the recreational torture inflicted upon Filipinos. They never bemoan young Korean women kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. I do not cite these infamous atrocities to justify America’s use of the A-Bomb. I do so to underscore selective indignation.

What motivates this annual display of pious remorse? Perhaps it would be useful for Watertown residents to know more about the entanglements of the W.C.E.S.

The W.C.E.S. has joined an umbrella organization called “United for Justice and Peace”.

This network of cells cleverly cloaks their agenda under the shared mantle of genuine concerns also embraced by many mainstream lobbies. The “Queen Bee” of this radical colony is one Leslie Cagan. A self-proclaimed Socialist, Cagan has a colorful portfolio of anti-American credentials and a track record of deceptive tactics. In fact there are not enough column inches to do her fringe anthology justice. However given the above-mentioned affiliation, a sampling of Cagan’s “Left Wing Looney Tunes” may shed light on the W.C.E.S.’ belief system and veracity.

Ms. Cagan Co-Chair’s the “ Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism”. Their draft platform states “…the ultimate solution … is a socialist society where wealth is socially owned…”

But Cagan must know, this will not wash with mainstream America. She may have conceded the point. In an article named "Antiwar Movement Morphs From Wild-Eyed to Civil" (NYT March 29, 2003), She confesses;“If we’re going to be a force that needs to be listened to by our elected officials, by the media, by power, our movement needs to reflect the population” Translation: memo to all worker bees. Entice the proletariat with honey, but keep your stingers concealed!

What’s the big deal? Why should this matter to us in Watertown?

The big deal is THIS! The W.C.E.S. is a prominent lobby in Watertown. If they are in bed with an activist who advocates concealing radical agendas, we should wonder if they ascribe to the same deceptive policy. The W.C.E.S. must have some inkling of Cagan’s rap sheet. On September 24 th 2003, she was a featured speaker at a W.C.E.S. sponsored forum. This begs reasonable questions. Why would they embrace her as a standard bearer? What are their real motives?

The answers flesh out when you read the W.C.E.S. “Peace with Justice” mission statement. Behind the flowery sentiment and artfully crafted language, you can easily detect an agenda that instinctively blames America first. According to them, the terrorists aren't to blame for 9/11, but rather American foreign policy is the culprit. Evil American corporations are the root cause of terrorism, not Islamofascism. No wonder the W.C.E.S. feels compelled to perpetuate the annual mea culpa down by the river. They share a world view with Leslie Cagan, and NOT with the average Watertown resident. Hiroshima just gives them an excuse to hold a “blame America fest”.

It is legitimate to question Truman’s decision. Good people disagree on its necessity. We should all agree that we NEVER want to see it happen again. The use of the A-Bomb was NOT an odious act of vengeance. It was done, rightly or wrongly, to end the war and save lives. However in light of the evidence, inquiring people want to know! Why does the W.C.E.S. really sponsor these “vigils”?

I certainly don’t deny the right of the W.C.E.S. to float their little boats and candles on the Charles. But if they view America as the “Great Satan”, there are other options to explore. Their “Queen Bee”, Leslie Cagan, is purported to support Fidel Castro. Dare I suggest they might experience life under the fatherly protection of this magnanimous, altruistic and peace-loving visionary? I'm sure they'll find their freedom to dissent is in no way encumbered by the USA Patriot Act, in Cuba. In fact, resounding thunderous crowds chanting “Death to All Yankee Dogs,” may harmoniously echo their “idealistic” world view.

John DiMascio

Communications Director
Watertown Citizens for Common Sense Government



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