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So, just who are these people representing anyway?

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So, just who are these people representing anyway?

Rachel Kaprielian and Peter Koutoujian have represented Watertown for many years. Until July 12, 2006, this pundit simply believed they no longer espoused our priorities. However, as I was putting the final touches on this column, both Kaprielian and Koutoujian participated in what can only be described as an unconscionably sinister circumvention of due process. In order to dodge a controversial vote on the marriage amendment, they voted to recess the Constitutional Convention until two days after the election. How convenient!

Let’s get one thing straight. This is not about the underlying issue of same-sex marriage. It’s about process and accountability! It’s about an up or down vote! Should the people have a say in this public policy? YES or NO? If Kaprielian and Koutoujian don’t think so, they could have voted no. At least that would have (presumably) been a vote of conscience. But they were too feckless to show the courage of their convictions. Instead, they chose the “Machiavellian Mambo” and danced away from their sworn responsibility. Their action exposes spineless characters typical of subservient political puppets on the strings of radical lobbies and party overlords.

Even their political sycophants in the media had to admit that this ploy lacked ethical legitimacy. “NO PRINCIPLED argument justified the Legislature's decision...” wrote the Boston Globe (ardent supporter of same-sex marriage) in their July 13th editorial.

But this is just the last of many straws on the backs of constituents. Kaprielian and Koutoujian’s “illustrious” records are rife with cognitive disconnects.

Case in point: Our “Dynamic Duo” joined about 50 other State Reps in one of the most inexcusable, indefensible, and just plain stupid votes in the history of the Commonwealth. They both voted to give illegal aliens, residing in Massachusetts, in-state tuition at our state colleges.

Now before the lunatic left accuses me of xenophobia, let’s get another thing straight. Country of origin and cultural differences are not the issue here. Our two State Representatives didn’t vote to give assistance to those who come here legally. No, they voted to reward illegal behavior!

Their vote transcends simple negligence. They even went above and beyond coddling criminals. You tell me. How does one rightly categorize Kaprielian and Koutoujian’s vote? Take your pick: Complicity? Collusion? Collaboration?

Call it what it is: Aiding, abetting, and encouraging an unlawful act.

Approaching an impeachable offense, this vote demonstrates blatant disregard for the rule of law. It further disregards the people they purport to represent. Even more disturbing, this vote conveys contempt towards the legal immigrants that help build Watertown. Imagine how it trivializes the experience of those who fled poverty, tyranny, and even genocide to LAWFULLY settle in our welcoming community. With one vote, Rachel Kaprielian and Peter Koutoujian slapped tens of thousands of law-abiding immigrants across the face.

This begs the question: What could have possibly possessed these lawmakers to reward and encourage lawbreakers? One surely hopes they did not intend to mock and marginalize those who played by the rules. Or did they? Like political clones, they support virtually every harebrained notion that comes down the pike. With a billion-dollar surplus, these two not only refuse to reduce the income tax rate to 5%, but they also voted for an 85 million dollar tax hike; including a retroactive increase on capital gains. Violating the Legislature’s promise, they supported a primary offense seat belt law (another thinly disguised “revenue enhancer”). And lest we forget, they both promoted the now thoroughly discredited CPA. This boondoggle would have placed a 2 % surcharge on top of our already burdensome property taxes.

Our two distinguished Representatives simply believe that the government knows better than we do what’s best for us, our children, and our wallets.

For some radicals, this is a perfectly acceptable worldview. Many nations have adopted this style of government. Call it what you will: “ A Welfare State Mentality”, “Euro-style Socialism”, or “Ivory Tower Elitism”.

As Watertown voters we need to ask ourselves: Do we share Kaprielian and Koutoujian’s misplaced priorities? Do we want unprincipled and gutless representation that bobs, weaves, and dodges tough votes? Do we believe we should encourage illegal immigration by rewarding it? Do we believe in a primary offense seatbelt law that would surely be abused as a “revenue-enhancing tool”? Do we believe that our vote to reduce taxes by “binding” referendum should be rescinded or otherwise stonewalled by clever parliamentary antics? Do we believe our taxes should be increased (retroactively no-less) while the legislature hoards a billion-dollar surplus? Do we want the “City known as the Town of Watertown” to be known as just another “People’s Republic”?

The easy thing to do is to vote for the known quantity. It’s easy to vote for someone’s relative, friend, or neighbor. But those we send to Beacon Hill are supposed to represent Watertown, along with our mainstream views and common sense values. Clearly Kaprielian and Koutoujian do not. So, just who are these people representing anyway?

John DiMascio

Director of Communications
Watertown Citizens for Common Sense Government



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