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Gubernatorial Blues

On February 2, 2006 Watertown Democrats converged at Town Hall for their election year caucus. The throng of people awaiting admittance evoked memories of a night the now defunct "Rathskeller” advertised a band called "Free Beer".

Ah, but this was no Octoberfest for Tom Reilly. Poor Tom couldn't have bought a beer to cry over at this political conclave. Sorry Tommy, but you can't expect good will from townies if you never own up to being one.

Now, some of Watertown's old-school Democrats are spinning their wheels trying to explain the results.

"Reilly did himself in"; one fellow told me. Another remarked, "There was a vacuum created by Reilly's incompetence". Still others were shocked and chagrined that "radical elements of their party orchestrated a coup d'etat".

I for one was impressed with and applaud the turnout. Self-government only works when people get involved. If my old-school Democrat friends are upset with the results, they should look in the mirror. If you won't muster the cavalry, please spare us the indignation. There was an uprising and you got scalped. Deal with it! While you are at it, next time try to find someone who can spell and define "vetting a candidate for Lt. Governor".

For the record, I don't have a horse in this race. But I gotta admit, it makes quite the spectator sport for this political junkie. The players change-the game remains the same. Massachusetts Democrats engage in their quadrennial tradition of fratricide. At the end of the tournament they pick a sacrificial lamb for November's altar.

One of Watertown's most popular blogs, H20Town, posted the following
headline. “Police, fire monitor crowded Democratic Caucus”.

Blog-hostess extraordinaire, Lisa Williams, follows up that headline with the following exquisitely entertaining remark.

"Note to Democrats: If your caucus is so popular it packs the room, don't call the cops on yourself -- let the other party do that, it's their job ;->"

I wonder if Ms. H20Town realizes how prophetic her prankish quip may turn out to be.

The Democrats have a veto-proof majority in both houses of the legislature. Hence, the House Speaker and Senate President are the most powerful men in the Commonwealth. They can pass any legislation that suits them. With a little party discipline, they can override any Republican Governor's veto. These two party hacks have no desire or intention of sharing power with a Democrat Governor. To the contrary, their political
interests are best served with a neutered Republican Chief Executive in the corner office. They can do as they please. When things don't work out, they can always blame the Gahvnah!

Attention Democrat nominee for Governor! That sharp pain you'll be feeling on November 7th is called a knife in the back. Just ask Shannon O'Brien, Scott Harshbarger, and John Silber.

Of course the Grand Ole Party is not free from sin either. This is a one party state and Republicans need to take a good look in the mirror as well.

Republicans in this state aren't willing to run for dogcatcher. They only want the glamour gigs. It's not that the state GOP lacks intelligent and articulate prospects with good ideas. The problem is they all want to challenge Ted Kennedy. Indubitably their race for the Senate ends up being a short drive off a narrow bridge.

What ever happened to taking an entry-level position and working your way up? Isn't this a fundamental Republican doctrine? If we expect people to take this approach in life, shouldn't we do the same when it comes to politics? Ever hear of leading by example? Hello!

No, Massachusetts Republicans are all too happy settling for a quasi-feckless Governorship. The corner office on Beacon Hill remains a wellspring of GOP pride. Imagine a Republican Governor in the bluest of blue states. Well whoopee ding-dong! A lot of good that's done. If a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" is to thrive in the Commonwealth, we need a viable two-party system. In order for that to happen Republicans need to first set their sights on municipal elections. The GOP needs a lot more people willing to be "Councilor Potholes". People ain't gonna send Republicans to the state legislature unless they are voting for a person they've grown to know and respect on a local level. Short of that, when election day comes around, Massachusetts voters will look at the R next to the name and vote for the guy or gal with the D next to theirs.

So to our Watertown Democrats, I congratulate you for turning out for your caucus. It should be a fun campaign. But let's not kid ourselves. DiMasi and Travaglini will continue to be the defacto Governors and the GOP will still have the corner office. Alas, Massachusetts Republicans will still be in charge of perfunctory ribbon cuttings.

John DiMascio

Communications Director
Watertown Citizens for Common Sense Government


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